Lynn Peters
Lynn Peters

My first opportunity to write for TV came when I was picked for a BBC writers' workshop fronted by Lenny Henry (the mentor for my group was Richard Curtis, at the time barely known for more than Roland Rat).  I went on to write for the the multiracial comedy show The Real McCoy (BBC2) which starred Meera Syal, Curtis Walker, Llewella Gideon and Felix Dexter, which ran for five series.  When Llewella was later approached by Radio 4 to write a radio version of her one woman stage show, Little Big Woman, she invited me to join as co-writer.   The Little Big Woman Radio Show ran for three series and starred Llewella Gideon along with Brian Bovell, Roger Griffiths, Jo Martin and Mandy Knight

I've also written for the children's animated sketch show Street Monsters (CBBC) (broadcast all over the world), and several episodes of the award winning children's TV showKerching! (CBBC).  A half hour sitcom pilot, Shifting, co-written with Llewella Gideon, has been commissioned by the BBC. Executive producer is Jon Plowman.

The sketch below appeared in Blouse and Skirt, a comedy show for BBC2 (one of numerous sketch shows I've written for).  This was one of a series of sketches I wrote for actor Robbie Gee and Eddie Nestor (now the presenter of Drivetime on BBCLondon) in their female characters Tanisha and Felitia, the Ragga Girls 





TANISHA Have you ever thought about getting married?


FELITIA Oh yeah. I’d love that. Happy ever after. To have and to hold.

Till divorce do us part.


TANISHA Yeah. Be lovely. Have a few kiddies.


FELITIA You’ve got a few kiddies.


TANISHA Yeah but do it properly, like where the baby father live with

you and everything.


FELITIA My baby father want to live with me but the Child Support

Agency won’t let him


TANISHA How ‘s that?


FELITIA Well if they find out who he is, he

got to pay and he can’t afford it.


TANISHA It’s terrible, innit.


FELITIA Here – you sure he is the baby



TANISHA Yeah – why?


FELITIA It was in he papers - only one in

seven baby father’s is the

real dad. They say the mothers

don’t know, they just tell the one they want to be the dad that it’s

his baby.


TANISHA What - so you can choose?


FELITIA Yeah, out of seven


TANISHA If I’d known that I wouldn’t have chosen Calvin to be my last

baby father.


FELITIA Victor was your last baby father.


TANISHA Whatever. So what you’re saying is – if you want to get

pregnant, you should have sex with seven different blokes?


FELITIA I suppose so.


TANISHA That’s terrible.




TANISHA I only had it with five.


FELITIA You better have sex with two more then, before it’s too late.


TANISHA It’s not just about sex though, is it, relationships.


FELITIA Isn’t it? Why you having sex all the time then?


TANISHA No, see I’m searching. Looking

for my true love.


FELITIA Why you only looking in the alley behind the cinema then?


TANISHA I’m a true romantic, me. I want hearts and flowers, and stolen kisses.


FELITIA Stolen kisses? No one ever has to steal anything off you. They

always say, ‘That Tanisha, she give it away.’


TANISHA You can laugh, but one day you’ll see me, in a big house,

with kiddies playing in the garden, and you know what everyone will say?


FELITIA ‘Get out of that house before the owner gets back. And take your

pickneys with you.’


TANISHA Maybe you’re right. I mean, can you think of any couples who are

happily married?


FELITIA Course I can. Loads.


TANISHA No to each other I mean.


FELITIA Are you kidding?




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