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Lynn Peters

Writer for TV, radio and magazines.  Also a novelist and poet (think Dorothy Parker not T S Eliot)




'Love them. Don't know where you can send them. Cosmopolitan?'

That was Pete Townsend's response to the batch of poems I sent him - he'd just got into publishing at the time - a break from all that guitar-smashing presumably.  Most of my poems were funny observations on sex but a few were about rock stars so he'd seemed a better bet than your average publisher.  As he turned out to be.

When I sent them to Cosmo they bought them all and they appeared in Cosmo in the UK, USA and Australia for over 10 years.  


I also started writing features for Cosmo and have gone on to write for numerous other women's magazines in the UK and USA, becoming contributing editor on the US magazine Redbook for 3 years. Thank you, Pete Townsend!


After one of the poems, 'Why Dorothy Wordsworth is not as famous as her brother' appeared in The Independent I was  interviewed on Radio 4's Woman's Hour. An editor from Simon & Schuster was listening and she went on to commission three novels,  Immaculate Misconceptions, Premature Infatuation and Reading Between the Lies, (which is currently being adapted as a musical).  Since then my poem Why Dorothy Wordsworth has appeared in numerous anthologies, been broadcast on BBC2 and Radio 4, included in coursework for A Level and HM Prisons, and set to music by a composer in the USA.


Recently I've been working on a sitcom pilot for BBC (commissioned by BBC and directed by Jon Plowman) with my writing partner, Llewella Gideon, who will also star in it.

She and I met when I was writing for a BBC comedy sketch show, The Real McCoy which she appeared in alongside Meera Syal, Robbie Gee and Eddie Nestor. Originating from an initiative of Lenny Henry's, it was the first British multiracial sketch show of its kind, was hugely popular, and ran for several years.  When Llewella was asked to write a series for Radio 4 based on her one woman show, Little Big Woman, she invited me to write it with her.  The Little Big Woman Radio Show, charting the struggling career and love-life of an out of work actress, ran for three series.  


Other sketch shows followed including for BBC2 when I wrote specifically for Robbie Gee and broadcaster Eddie Nestor (click on TV and Radio Scripts to read one of the sketches). I've also written for children's TV (BBC1 and CBBC).


I'm currently finalising my fourth novel, Revenge of the Ten Pound Poms. My poetry collection 'Why Dorothy Wordsworth is not as famous as her brother' will be published in the autumn.



Click on the left to see some of the poems or novels. Or have a look at a feature on happiness which appeared in Redbook magazine in the USA and prompted their most enthusiastic reader response ever.  (I hope that means lots of readers liked it, not just one going mental.)




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