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‘[Lynn Peters] possesses wit, sharpness and observation’ - The Times

‘Very funny’ – Cosmopolitan

‘Sharp, witty and keenly observed’ - Sunday Mail

‘Intelligent, entertaining and, yes, sexy’ - Daily Express




Revenge of the Ten Pound Poms - now available on Amazon


Every family has its secrets


Rose has slipped getting off a London bus - it could happen to anyone her age, nothing to make a fuss about.

But being in hospital with time on her hands is bringing back unwelcome memories - her family's disastrous emigration to Australia in the 1950s, husband Len's affair, the misery of her daughter Mattie - none of it the life of bliss she described in her letters to  family back home.  

But now it's millennium year, Rose is living in England and Mattie is flying in for the first time. How many of Rose's secrets will Mattie reveal - and what will she say of the most important one of all - Rose's son Richie who they haven't seen or heard of for fifteen years? 

But what she doesn't know is that Mattie is hiding a secret of her own...




Immaculate Misconceptions (Simon & Schuster £6.99)

When Ellie was fourteen, she wrote a pamphlet for her friends called, 'Having Sex: an instruction manual'. Next to the diagram of a matchstick man and woman lying face to face was the caption: Insert and repeat as necessry.

Now that she's 38, and married with two children, sex is no laughing matter and as she lies in hospital recovering from an operation she reflects that faking orgasms is just one more chore on a par with ironing and PTA meetings.  She longs for escape from it all, and the eighteen year old son of the woman in the next bed could be just what she's looking for...





Premature Infatuation (Simon & Schuster £6.99)

'Corinne is fond of saying that starting a new job is like making love with someone new: exciting, stimulating, and you dont know what it might lead to.  Personally I can't see the similarity. At work you have to suck up to the boss, keep your head down and just get on with the job in hand.  But when you make love... oh well, she may have a point.' 

When Gemma takes a job as a temp, she finds that while the job may be temporary, the repercussions of the relationships she makes there are anything but.


Reading Between the Lies (Simon & Schuster £6.99)

When Carol bumps into childhood friend Jilly one day she is so pleased to see her she's tempted to stab her with a coathanger.  But gradually she finds herself drawn into Jilly's web in ways that are far worse than she could have imagined.












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